Optimization of inspections

Time saving for typing

No data loss

Improvement of your protocols


Field audit and round maintenance

Digitization of standards

Easy integration of existing standards

Operator support

Declarative checklist

Time tracking and analysis by managers


Simple update


Maintenance plans, product sheets

Eliminate re-entries – Facilitate traceability

Easy integration of product ranges from ERP

Simplified traceability

Integration of controls and quantities in ERP


Quality control, production monitoring

Welcoming new arrivals

Quick training for new entrants

Mobility for training


Site reception, safety reception

Your personalized demonstration

Comment utiliser le QR code en industrie
L’application Synergytab est un système documentaire sur tablette durcie fonctionnant en mode connectée et absence de connexion. Les informations du terrain sont transférées en temps réel sur votre portail d’administration.