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Mieux produire grâce au digital

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To the contents of the digital book

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The digital revolution of the industrial sector …

  1. Definition of the digital transition and application to the industrial environment.
  2. Objectives and challenges of this digital transition in industry.
  3. Ecosystem of the industry of the future.
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How is France preparing for it?

  1. The government’s commitment to French industry.
  2. The German vs French model.
  3. Digital audit facilitates compliance with new standards.
  4. What methods of financing for the industrial sector?
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Digital for industrial performance.

  1. How does digital improve industrial diagnostic processes?
  2. The importance of digital in planning and scheduling.
  3. Digital simplifies improvement methods.
  4. A major issue in Industry 4.0: interoperability.
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The human factor remains a priority.

  1. The importance of training to prepare the industry of tomorrow.
  2. People are at the heart of the industry’s digitalization process.
  3. Digital technology reduces inequalities and promotes the integration of all profiles.

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