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Share all your data on every type of operation systems.

All UsiTab components were originally conceived with an interoperability factor between information systems, servers, computers, mobiles, tablets and connected objects, designed to be supported on every systems and softwares. With UsiPass, your software intelligently converges to a clear interface, using an API or a single or bi-lateral file exchange.

Interfacing with API

USITAB solutions are based on the use of a standard REST / JSON API.

This API (Application Programming Interface) is the standard programming interface for the exchange of data between systems.

The use of this API has the following advantages:

Any computer language / system / hardware connected is supported

Any computer developer knows how to use it

 Any software allowing communication HTTP / HTTPS can interact

Interfacing with file sharing

It is also possible to ensure the desired interfacing by file exchanges, in one or both directions:
– To feed data into USITAB solutions ,
– To exploit the data generated by USITAB,
– To provide data to USITAB solutions and integrate in return the field operation of these data.

Following formats are supported:

Excel      Access CSV      XML      KML      HTML    Oracle      SQL      ATOM
PDF        Open Office     Google Spreadsheet      RSS      MySQL      TSV

Example of one-way exchange of ERP file to USITAB

Example of bilateral file exchange

USITAB can also provide excel macros for filling existing reporting files or WEB services for specific queries in databases.