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OBJECTIVE / EXPECTED RESULT: At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to understand the basic statistical concepts which imply the implementation of the control cards. It will be able to identify the conditions for successful deployment of the Statistical Performance Control within the company. It will be able to set up a statistical process control system and to evaluate and improve the approach. The trainee tools and techniques allow him to gain in satisfaction and operational performance.

Supervision and staffing of an industrial site.

According to the diagnosis carried out on site with the management and the supervising staff.

A.1 – Understand the basics of statistics.

A.2 – Understand standards NF 06-030 and NF 06-31 on the application of statistics in industry.

B.2 – Facilitate a team at short intervals.

B.3 – Optimize production line performance through statistical process control.

Certificate of Attendance and Individual Certification of Skills Acquisition.

  • Case studies, specific situations on a problem of the industrial site,
    Exchanges in the form of an exercise on the analysis of data collected and sharing of good practices.
  • Active and participatory pedagogy essentially based on exercises
    Putting into practice theoretical contributions, games, quiz and simulations.

Loïc Le Doussal is an entrepreneur, expert in Operational Excellence, an engineer in Food Science and Technology with a Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and an external consultant.

Video projector, laptop, digital tablets, connected object, paperboard, notepads and pens, required by trainee.


Place: premises reserved by the training organization

Duration: according to the personalization of the course.

Working Hours: 9 am to noon and 1 pm to 5 pm

Minimum and maximum participants per session: 6 and 12

Dates: to be determined intra


Program: 1200 € HT per day

Preparation: included in the daily rate

Educational resources given to trainees:
Included in the daily rate