Usitab brings you solutions to gradually optimize the operation of your production lines and to obtain productivity gains while enriching the work stations.
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Improve and master your production process.

It ‘s the ideal innovative tool to improve your production process by an easy and visual use of production data. The production operators manage and improve the lines performance via 6 sigma thinking process.
UsiChart is a digital tablet application designed to follow key production criteria via control chart : product quality, volume or filling weight, production line efficiencies... Usichart substitutes manual hourly production sheets records and allows recording time gain for production stops.

Capability determination

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for production processes, for new equipment acceptance test or for existing line optimisation.

Automated recording

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Focus your teams on the good decision making at the right time. It is possible, on request, to connect the application to your measuring instruments and to automate operators data capture so as to reduce it.

Margin gain

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Streamline your filling processes and diminish variability on products filling level.

Enhance your productivity

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Don't waste time re-capturing your data. You will have hourly follow-up sheets as well as stops/breakdowns root-cause reports in real-time. Data exports to Excel sheets.
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