USITAB édite des solutions personnalisables sur tablette afin d'optimiser la productivité de votre entreprise.
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Keep track of your performance easily wherever you are.

A mobile solution to better observe and analyze the operation of the production lines or production workshop. It tracks, records and analyzes causes of stops to reduce their time and then optimize margin.

Time saving

Automatically analyze harvested data, avoids reprocessing, exportable real-time reports.

Earn money

Avoid mobilizing a consultant, a treatment done in minutes, a quick start and wireless.

Margin gain

Reduces variability and downtime

Une solution adaptée pour tous les acteurs industriels amenés à récolter et analyser les données critiques des lignes de production en situation de mobilité.

A MES software called USICHART that allows you to control your performance in order to visualize and analyze the production data and its administration and supervision software to make a report.

A hardened 4G tablet

A durable and protected carrying case designed for transport

A tripod and fixings necessary for its installation as well as all the technical documentation.

A counting cell

A USIBOX box that collects the data

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