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SynergyTab allows you to have an efficient operational documentary system that facilitates the exchanges between your collaborators.

Synergytab is a digital environment where senior management transfers reference documents that have been reworked to facilitate data feedback from the shopfloor. The needed data access time is much quicker, the decision making and validation of prior learning very rapid. The autotraining modules of the company are accessible anytime online.

Create interactive documents

Enable information rise from shopfloor : non-conformity documents with pictures, maintenance reports, raw materials tracabeality with label scan.

Efficiently validate prior learning

Verify prior learning and knowledge acquisition. Create very simply training questionaires. The knowledge acquisitions are tracked at all company levels (proved via quality audits).

Interactive Chek-lists

Your operating procedures are transformed into interactive check-lists to use and transform your intervention ranges to make the axes of improvement easy to trace.

Scoreboard of your documentation system

You immediately know the frequency of your documents viewing, the knowledge acquisition not done via quality procedures, the improvements actions shopfloor feedback, all this at first glance.
The production operators have access to the requested data to drive the manufacturing line. Their improvement actions easily move up to upper management and the workfloor staff implements visual management.

Human Resource

  • Societal initiative
  • Careers modernisation


  • Alive document system
  • Quality audit simplified


  • Practises alignment
  • Visual workfloor management

Maintenance & Methods

  • Standardised operating procedure
  • Time gain on maintenance tasks

Usitab supports your company in the deployment of a visual management in your production workshop by providing training-action to your teams.