USITAB édite des solutions personnalisables sur tablette afin d'optimiser la productivité de votre entreprise.
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The application to improve and monitorize your production processes.

UsiChart is a tablet application that allows you to monitor the important parameters of production: product quality, volume or filling weight, production line yield. UsiChart replaces the production sheets hour by hour and saves time to capture production shutdowns.


  • Gain margin by improving your fill volumes and weight.
  • Save time by avoiding manual re-entry and automating the acquisition of data.
  • Quick start – UsiChart is specially designed for your production operators to be up and running quickly.
  • Fully configurable application that adapts to all types of production. You can very easily make it evolve according to your needs.
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Documentation system to facilitate exchanges between your collaborators.

Synergy TAB is a digital environment where framing slips and deposits reworked standards documents to facilitate feedbacks. The access time to the information you need is faster and the knowledge gain and the validation for the prior learning is improved. The company’s self-training modules are available at any time of the line.


  • Improve your communication and carry out an innovative visual management.
  • Save time when entering information, retrieving improvements and updating your document system.
  • The information is constantly updated, you can easily follow the results of the training sessions.
  • The application is fully configurable and adaptable to all types of industry. You will be able very easily to evolve it with your organization.


The object connected to all your production tools.

UsiBox helps you manage your production tool independently by focusing on decision making. Our UsiBox enclosures integrate with your production infrastructures by a connection work carried out by your maintenance teams and with our operational support.

  • Capture data from your PLCs, sensors or control devices.
  • Adaptable to your needs. It interfaces with your existing production tools without being intrusive.
  • Track your production in real time, using control cards powered by the data captured using the UsiChart application.
  • Save time for input to focus on decision making.
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