USITAB édite des solutions personnalisables sur tablette afin d'optimiser la productivité de votre entreprise.
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save time with Usitab

Automate the acquisition of your data to avoid manual re-entry of your employees.

motivated teams with Usitab

Provide your employees with innovative tools to get the best of their skills and performance.

simplify processes with Usitab

Improve productivity by 10 to 25% by reducing manual entries and maintain control over your processes.

modernize your plant

Digitalize your production line by integrating innovative technologies.

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How it works ?

1 day of diagnosis

We identify with you the critical indicators to follow and you train in the parameterization of the applications

2 days of training

Our experts come to your premises and train your employees on the new tools and techniques.

4 months to ROI

Validate the ROI at the end of the test phase and witness the effectiveness of Usitab solutions.

Multi-site deployment

Easily deploy Usitab solutions across your production lines.

Discover our formations

Usitab is labeled Training Organization by Datadock and offers tailor-made support in the digitalisation of your factory.

They trust us

Ready to kick into high gear?!