Usitab brings you solutions to gradually optimize the operation of your production lines and to obtain productivity gains while enriching the work stations.
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A team of professionals at your disposal.

Our team can advise and carry you throughout your factory transformation process. We are specialists of industrial performance improvement and have been engaged in operational positions in big companies. We provide you our skillset, experience and professionalism on problematics we faced and resolved. We share our experience to help you progress and enable sustainable results.

Improve your performance with UsiServices.

We help you optimize your production tools and industrial processes. In this framework, here are some examples of action that we put in place among our customers. Inventory on your premises (factory tour and individual interviews). Proposal for an action plan. Installation, parameterization of the applications according to your need. Training and support for your staff and proposals for improvement actions.
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Parameters choice
We help you identify your critical parameters that have to be followed and will train you to the customization of our applications by using your site caracteristics.
formations équipe usitab
Shopfloor training
The operators training are carried out in real situations and we adapt our teaching methods to the trainees level.
communication tablette usitab
We support you in the project communication for its successful implementation.
conduite de projet usitab
Project management
We work with a project manager and a multi-disciplinary site team to allow sustainable results.
1 day of diagnosis

We identify with you the critical indicators to follow and you train in the parameterization of the applications.

2 training days

Our experts come to your premises and train your employees on the new tools and techniques.

4 months to ROI

Validez le ROI à la fin de la Validate the ROI at the end of the test phase and witness the effectiveness of Usitab solutions. phase test et devenez témoin de l'efficacité des solutions Usitab.

Multi-site deployment

Easily deploy Usitab solutions across your production lines.